Monique in Jingzhou

Hello, my name is Monique, I have been working with Aston Jingzhou for just over a year and it’s been a life changing experience!
First of all I will admit, I have never really been the children person, every family event I’ve had in the past, I’ve ran away from the kiddy area and socialised with the adults because quite frankly I wasn’t used to kids, therefore they scared me little. I also never saw myself as being a teacher… I couldn’t quite picture myself in a classroom, even though everyone else had no doubt that I’d be good at it.
So you can imagine my nerves racking up as I arrived at my new school last year and suddenly being surrounded by dozens of excited kids!
When having my training, Chloe gave me the best piece of advise I could have ever received; she noticed that I’d had a lot of drama experience on my CV, she told me to use that in the classroom… So then I decided to put my acting face on and deliver somewhat of a teaching performance, and that’s what really kicked off my journey with Aston, as soon as I was making the children laugh and teaching them at the same time, I no longer found them scary and now they are my children whom I embrace lovingly each time I walk into the school!
Aston has not only helped me overcome my fears and nerves about teaching children but it has helped me become really proud and pleased that I came into this profession!
 My boss Lucy made my transition to China and the school much easier by being attentive and encouraging which I responded to straight away. She made me feel at home.


I like working for Aston because I feel like it has the right balance between work and free time. It can be a tough schedule but rewarding when you get through it. The curriculum is easy to follow, and has enough ideas to guide you, but you also have the freedom to be creative.
I feel that with a company like Aston, they embrace new ideas and support your goals, whether you are just passing through or wanting to grow with the company. It’s also nice for me to witness how one of the main focuses as a foreign teacher at Aston is to bring out the children’s confidence to not only speak English but to be more socially aware and outgoing.
Being part of an Aston franchise has dual benefits; while it feels more personal and home-y to work in an Aston franchise, you can also be safe in knowing that you have full support from your regionals and the company as a whole. I do however feel that franchises should have a better structure for supporting new employees prior to arriving into China. I personally had a great transition and guidance from Chloe, but I feel since then the organisation for new employees could benefit more attention.
I also recommend working for Aston because of all the travel possibilities; with the cheap cost of living, western wages and free time it’s easy to go exploring more of China and even Asia! Last year all us work gals went to an ancient city in Hunen Provence which was breathtaking and great for bonding more with coworkers!
I will say that if you are considering working with Aston, be flexible and open minded. Things can change very quickly and a lot of different things can be thrown your way but it’s all part of the hectic fun!
I actually left China in February, when my contract ended, with the intention of teaching in a different country but realised that I actually liked the lifestyle I had here. I wanted to grow more as a teacher, but with the support I was already getting at Aston and decided to come back!! That’s says it all really 😊

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