Foreign Regional Supervisor

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Foreign Regional 

Supervisor (FRS)

40 hours a week

SALARY 10,000 – 12,000 RMB

(Depends on Experience)

Aston English is currently seeking a motivated, goal oriented foreign regional supervisor (FRS) who enjoys traveling to help oversee two of our Aston regions.


They will help supervise our schools in region 6-

Xining, Qinghai

Lanzhou, Gansu

Hohhot, Inner Mongolia

Ordos, Inner Mongolia

Taiyuan, Shanxi

As well as schools in region 7 located in Shandong province







Applicants interested in applying for this position must have at least 1 year of teaching experience and 6 months of managing experience (those who have worked as foreign assistant managers, assistant managers, managers and deputy regional directors are encouraged to apply.) Good team building skills and organizational skills a must. Able to apply for a Z visa in China. The ability to speak Mandarin is not a requirement but is preferred.



  1. Recruitment
    1. Scout and interview local potential teachers according to Astons recruitment policy
    2. Sign contracts with local teachers
    3. Recruit international teachers
    4. Place advertisements on websites for recruitment.
    5. Communicate with new recruits
    6. Receive new teacher information from the new recruiter the recruiting department
    7. Work with the recruiting department on staffing numbers
  2. Process Visas with Foreign Affairs Office
    1. Obtain relevant information from the foreign teachers
    2. Obtain medical exams from approved hospital
    3. Apply for foreign expert certificate
    4. Give documents to school’s foreign affairs office in a timely fashion
  3. Teacher Arrival
    1. Communicate with teachers regarding their specific arrival time and flight number
    2. Compile a list of arrivals and pick up teachers.
    3. Present teachers with a welcome pack.
    4. Organize mobile phones and update phone lists
  4. Housing and Location list
    1. Compile housing arrangement in conjunction with the regional director and foreign affairs officer.
    2. Ensure accounting department is notified of any changes.
    3. Ensure the teacher has keys, bedding and apartment is clean
    4. Organize with teachers to have the internet installed in their apartment
  5. School Policies
    1. Communicate with current teachers about school policies and procedures, curriculum, teaching support and information from management
    2. In cases of an appeal, you may have to hear and settle an appeal with the regional director.
  6. Meetings
    1. Hold weekly meetings with the Regional director and location managers
    2. Arrange monthly meetings with foreign teachers
    3. Support and participate in school initiatives
    4. Consult management on western cultures
  7. Scheduling
    1. Set the holiday schedule.
    2. Ensure classes are adequately covered
  8. Training
    1. Work with teacher trainers on orientation and workshops
    2. Communicate with the foreign teacher trainer to ensure teachers understand the mid-term exam schedule, final exam schedule, students’evaluation schedule and parents’ meeting schedule
    3. Cooperate with management to assist in assessing teacher’s needs and development
  9. Education
    1. Support teaching quality by assisting colleagues in development of their lessons and skills
    2. Provide emergency coverage or substitution
    3. Communicate with teachers about curriculum related policies and changes
    4. Ensure classroom quality by performing accurate student interviews
    5. Substitute classes if its emergency
  10. Management
    1. Perform certain duties at the direction of or in the absence of the Location Manager (payroll, scheduling, staff management)
    2. Act as a liaison between teachers and management; communicate problems, ideas, and concerns
    3. Perform tasks related to staff management and development as directed by management
  11. Promotion
    1. Work at local promotions as interviewer and in a public relations capacity
    2. Provide ideas and strategies for new promotion campaigns

If you are interested in applying or would like more information please send an email to