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Welcome to The Aston English Blog!

This is your spot to learn more about the experiences of Aston English teachers, and also to check up on our most current job opportunities we offer in China. Our teachers are doing great things in China, and we think their stories deserve to be shared with the world. If you’re thinking about joining us in China but you’d like to hear about past and present teachers’ experiences before you take the big dive– this is your ultimate resource. Our blog is run by the teachers, and we are here to answer your questions honestly and openly about what it’s like to teach English in China. Read up, ask questions, and we’ll do our best to answer them.

English is our world, and teachers make that happen. See how Aston English can change your life, and open you up to endless international opportunities.

Now on to the general information. Most of this information can be found on our recruiting site, astonrecruiting.com. It’s the same site you’ll use to sign up when you decide that you’re ready to come to China.

What is Aston Education Group?

Originally starting with one school in Dalian in 1996, Aston Educational Group has grown to over 80 schools in almost 60 cities throughout China with a further three schools in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Aston employs more than 300 foreign staff members from the USA, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and the UK. We also have a location in the USA in the city of Austin, Texas, where they help international students learn English, and apply to American Universities. Aston Educational Group consists of Aston English, Aston A+ and Balboa City School.

Aston has developed a unique curriculum based on teaching Chinese students of all ages both oral and aural English.

Aston English

Aston English is the flagship of the Aston Educational Group. The very first school of Aston was an Aston English school and through the years has grown into what the company has become today. Click here to learn more!

Aston A+

Aston A+ is a VIP high end language learning centre which uses the latest educational software and technologies to enhance the student’s learning experience while creating a comfortable and fun environment for both the students and their parents. Click here to learn more!

Balboa City School

BCS International launched in 2012. BCS International is our USA High School Diploma Program for Chinese High School students that will be attending college in the US or other English speaking countries. The program allows Chinese students to receive a US High School Diploma in addition to their Chinese HS Diploma. Click here to learn more! 

For more information about our various programs, visit us at astonrecruiting.com, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter!




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