Career Day

Career Development
One of the benefits of getting on board with Aston English, is that we value our teachers and we want to provide you with the opportunity to grow and develop. One of our newest initiatives, was Career Day, which took place in December in Xi’an, Xiangyang, Jinan, and Dalian.
Paving the Way for Your Future
The purpose of the event was threefold.
1.     Connected Community:  We want to ensure that the head offices, support teams, regional teams, and the teachers on the frontlines are all connected.  “A lot of teachers don’t feel they know enough about the people in head offices or even regional offices,” stated Wesley Woolf, Foreign Associate Manager of the Franchise Division. “We wanted to make this connection for our teachers so that they feel their voices are heard, and that they are aware of the resources available to them.”
2.     Beyond Teaching:  Often teachers coming to China feel as if teaching is their only option to maintain a visa. Most would be happy to learn that ESL teaching offers room for growth into a field that is much more expansive than just teaching. At Aston English we offer advancement opportunities in the following positions:
a.     Foreign Assistant Manager
b.     Regional Support Officer
c.      Foreign Teacher Trainer
d.     Recruiting Officer
e.     Recruiting Manager
f.      Head Office/HR Staff
3.     Identify Opportunities for Growth: We also used these sessions to recruit Foreign Teachers into leadership roles. Several of the teachers that participated in the Career Development Day were recruited in to regional and head office roles.
After these events, there was a follow up Foreign Teacher Training session in January, which was attended by four trainees, including the new Deputy Regional Director of Region 1, Neil Dempsey. Another Foreign Teacher Trainer training will be held on February 21st and 22nd in Jinan, where about 8 ‘high-potenttial’ candidates are being trained as Foreign Teacher Trainers.

Aston English values our teachers.  We provide training that is immediately applicable. To learn more about where you can start your career, go to or email us at

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