Jaydeen’s Work in Weinan

Teacher Testimonials

PaintingEggs_Dad_and_SonJaydeen came to China the first time with Aston English, and she is currently teaching in Weinan, China. She’s lived all over the world, but is originally from South Africa.

My overall experience at Aston has been phenomenal. From my warm welcome at the airport, organised and enjoyable induction processes to the speedy and hassle free processing of my documents and visa, I would say that Aston has ensured that I settled in well and I haven’t had any major problem since.

My transition into China has been effortless and totally enjoyable which was made possible by my school in Weinan Aston. The school took extra care in ensuring that my transition into the Chinese lifestyle was as effortless as possible. All the staff members went out of their way to make me feel comfortable and at home. They practically treated me like family and ensured me that they would be able to avail themselves if I ever needed any extra assistance in settling in.


Having the opportunity to work at Aston has given me the opportunity to travel to China which I would have not have had in any other situation and working for Aston with their work day structure allows me the time to travel and tour at my leisure.

Teaching at Aston is a great opportunity for someone who wants to travel, someone who enjoys teaching and has the ability to work within a team. Aston has a great work day structure that you wouldn’t find easily in any other job, it allows you plenty of time for your own leisure. It also allows you the opportunity to be immersed in the Chinese way of life, the opportunity to learn the language through the lessons given and through actual everyday communication when living here.

So far my stay in China has been great, I haven’t had the opportunity to travel yet, however I do plan on using my leisure time to travel and tour. Being at Aston in Weinan has given me the opportunity to be apart of a working team of amazing people who I now have the honour to call friends.


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