2016 Aston English Media Contest

Congratulations to our Aston English Media Contest Winners! We were thoroughly impressed by the talent of our teachers and alumni. Thank you to all those who participated– you made choosing a winner a difficult decision. The winners’ pieces will be posted on the blog, so be sure to check back here (and our Facebook page) this week to see some beautiful photography and compelling writing.

Without further ado, here are the winners of the 2016 Aston English Media Contest.




Writing Competition


1st Place:

“Five Reasons Teaching in China will Change Your Life, Forever” by Lawrence Smyth

2nd Place:

“My Greatest Teacher In Love and Identity” by Leena Naidoo

3rd Place Honorable Mention:

“China” by Taryn Flack




Photography Competition


Landscapes of China

1st Place:

“长海, Cháng Hǎi, Long Lake” by Michael Charles

2nd Place:

“The Bridge” by Phil Wills

3rd Place Honorable Mention:

“Guanxi 2” by Adam Joyce


People and Culture of China

1st Place:

“Rural Man, Longsheng” by Chloé Poplar

2nd Place:

“Horseracing” by Phil Wills

3rd Place Honorable Mention:

“Guanxi 3” by Adam Joyce


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